The Streets of Louth: An A–Z History

The Streets of Louth: An A–Z History was first published in 2012. Intended for the general reader, this book offers an A–Z, street-by-street survey of Louth local history from the medieval period through into the Victorian period and the twentieth century.

Designed for anyone who has ever wondered how the streets of Louth have changed and developed over time, The Streets of Louth not only looks at the archaeology, buildings and businesses of each of the individual streets, but also the people who used to live on them, from brewers and fish fryers through to jewellers and prostitutes. In doing this, the book makes extensive use of local court reports from the nineteenth century to bring the Victorian history of the streets of Louth alive, with crimes and accidents recorded that range from the mundane to the truly shocking.

The Streets of Louth was reissued as a paperback book by The Lindes Press in July 2014 (308 pp, ISBN 978-0-9570336-3-4). The print-company Lulu is the preferred retailer if you wish to support the author and this website, as the author takes a more generous cut of the selling price if the book is bought from them. Click here to buy from Lulu. Alternatively, The Streets of Louth can also be purchased from Amazon: Click here to buy from Amazon UK or here to buy from Amazon US.