Other Historical Interests

This page brings together and indexes posts and articles that reflect some of my other historical and literary interests. Here you will eventually find pieces relating to a wide variety of topics, including place-names and their historical contexts & meanings; Roman, Byzantine and Scandinavian history & archaeology; gender and sexuality; medieval Welsh and English literature & legends; and chapbooks & fairy tales. You can also access the Bibliography and Further Reading page from here.
Interesting Artefact Types & Animals
  1. St Nicholas or 'Boy Bishop' tokens in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century East Anglia
  2. Some Roman slave shackles and figurines recorded from Britain by the PAS
Roman and Medieval History/Archaeology (Non-British)
  1. Saharan and trans-Saharan contacts and trade in the Roman era
  2. A very long way from home: early Byzantine finds at the far ends of the world
  3. What actually fell in 476?
  4. Two long-distance migrants in the eighth- to tenth-century Islamic necropolis at Tauste, Spain
Exotic Animals in Britain & Europe
  1. Were there camels in Roman Britain? A brief note on the nature and context of the London camel remains
  2. Camels in early medieval western Europe: beasts of burden & tools of ritual humiliation
Landscape and Coastal History (Non-Lincolnshire)
  1. Ravenserodd and other lost settlements of the East Yorkshire coast
Literature & Legends
  1. Havelok and the British kings of ‘Lincoln and Lindesi’
  2. A 'Sorcerer's Stronghold' in Anglo-Saxon Nottinghamshire: Teversal, Sherwood... & Tolkien's Dol Guldur?
  3. Sinister omens & idle traditions: a twelfth-century superstition that the king of England must not enter Lincoln
  4. The monstrous landscape of medieval Lincolnshire
  1. Toote Hill and Cun Hu Hill: two lost pre-Viking sites near Grimsby
  2. A brief note on Willinghams and Inghams: Anglo-Saxon pagan priests and Kultverbände in Lincolnshire & East Anglia?
  3. An early Anglo-Saxon sorcerer at Teversham, Cambridgeshire?
  4. A 'Sorcerer's Stronghold' in Anglo-Saxon Nottinghamshire: Teversal, Sherwood... & Tolkien's Dol Guldur?
  5. Thanet, Tanit and the Phoenicians: Place-Names, Archaeology and Pre-Roman Trading Settlements in Eastern Kent?
  6. The medieval 'New England': a forgotten Anglo-Saxon colony on the north-eastern Black Sea coast
  7. The monstrous landscape of medieval Lincolnshire
  8. The Hwicce of Rutland? Some intriguing names from the East Midlands
  9. Some possible Phoenician/Punic names in Britain and Ireland