Other Historical Interests

This page brings together and indexes posts and articles that reflect some of my other historical and literary interests. Here you will eventually find pieces relating to a wide variety of topics, including place-names and their historical contexts & meanings; Roman, Byzantine and Scandinavian history & archaeology; gender and sexuality; medieval Welsh and English literature & legends; and chapbooks & fairy tales. You can also access the Bibliography and Further Reading page from here.
Interesting Artefact Types & Their Distributions
  1. St Nicholas or 'Boy Bishop' tokens in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century East Anglia
  2. Some Roman slave shackles and figurines recorded from Britain by the PAS
Literature & Legends
  1. Havelok and the British kings of ‘Lincoln and Lindesi’
  2. A 'Sorcerer's Stronghold' in Anglo-Saxon Nottinghamshire: Teversal, Sherwood... & Tolkien's Dol Guldur?
  3. Sinister omens & idle traditions: a twelfth-century superstition that the king of England must not enter Lincoln
  4. The monstrous landscape of medieval Lincolnshire
  1. Toote Hill and Cun Hu Hill: two lost pre-Viking sites near Grimsby
  2. A brief note on Willinghams and Inghams: Anglo-Saxon pagan priests and Kultverbände in Lincolnshire & East Anglia?
  3. An early Anglo-Saxon sorcerer at Teversham, Cambridgeshire?
  4. A 'Sorcerer's Stronghold' in Anglo-Saxon Nottinghamshire: Teversal, Sherwood... & Tolkien's Dol Guldur?
  5. Thanet, Tanit and the Phoenicians: Place-Names, Archaeology and Pre-Roman Trading Settlements in Eastern Kent?
  6. The medieval 'New England': a forgotten Anglo-Saxon colony on the north-eastern Black Sea coast
  7. The monstrous landscape of medieval Lincolnshire
  8. The Hwicce of Rutland? Some intriguing names from the East Midlands
  9. Some possible Phoenician/Punic names in Britain and Ireland
Other Topics
  1. What actually fell in 476?
  2. Ravenserodd and other lost settlements of the East Yorkshire coast
  3. Camels in early medieval western Europe: beasts of burden & tools of ritual humiliation
  4. Saharan and trans-Saharan contacts and trade in the Roman era