Hi! Welcome to the personal website and blog of Dr Caitlin Green. I'm a historian/archaeologist and writer whose professional interests lie in the history, archaeology, place-names and literature of late Roman and early medieval Britain. Up until recently, I was engaged in post-doctoral research at the University of Oxford, where I gained my doctorate a while back, and I have written a number of books, articles and various other things over the years. I'm currently a panel tutor at the University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education, and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, as well as a member of the Editorial Board of the History of Lincolnshire and the International Sachsensymposion. As of 2023, I am also Course Director for Archaeology at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education. I have appeared on local and national TV and radio, including BBC One's The One Show, and have given lectures, talks and seminars on a range of historical topics to a wide variety of audiences, both academic and lay.

This blog features posts on my main academic research foci alongside other topics that I'm currently working on, including drafts of papers, ideas and similar—these are usually, although not always, identifiable by the presence of footnotes; you're free to cite these drafts if they are of interest, and are reminded that academic blogs are indeed citable under most citation systems. In addition, the current site also houses posts relating to my other interests, including landscape and coastal history; early literature and legends; and the history, archaeology, and place-names of Lincolnshire and Cornwall. I have strong family links to both of the latter areas and you will find a significant number of posts relating to them on here.

If you want to contact me, feel free to email me via caitlin at caitlingreen.org; I'm also on Twitter as @caitlinrgreen, which is probably by far the easiest method. You can read my Cambridge ICE staff page here and my Academia.edu page here.